Top Performance & Guarantee

  • Service of the Defense Industry
  • Corporate Sponsorship
    Base Operations Support Services :Facility maintenance and repair, ground maintenance, base infrastructure support – vehicle lease management, general labor such as moving services and custodial services.
  • Supply Warehouse Operations :Movement, distribution, inventory, SARRS and property book management.
    Manpower Provider : Warehousing, mechanics, security personnel, administrative support, CNC programmers, electricians, welders, welder fitters, hydraulic specialists, painters, postal workers, general laborers.
  • Travel Support: We arrange flights when necessary to meet manpower requirements and housing as required, plus transportation to and from work sites
  • Government Support: Ensure contract personnel have the correct work permits and visas as required by various countries
  • Provide traceable and verified documentation of required skilled personnel
  • Guarantee clear communication between our customers, QUEST and its employees at all times.