Welcome to QUEST

Our Company is a highly respected family oriented and managed concern.

Following on from a successful family career in business, QUEST was formed in 1997 by its current General Manager Mrs. Ebtisam Abdul Razaq Al-Sane. Through her business vision and entrepreneurship, Mrs. Al-Sane maintains that Quest shall enthusiastically deliver Quality and Enterprising Solutions through its Trading and Contracting expertise all within a National and International arena, Every Time.

QUEST is a National Trading & Contracting Company business in progress.
QUEST continues its extensive local market knowledge to compete projects with confidence an agreed timeframe and in allegiance to cost and quality parameters.

Our experience gives us the flexibility to manage all resource requirements and to move specialist individuals to compliment the task.
We pride ourselves on our personal approach and the high degree of focus we give our clients as to the issues that really matter to them.
We aim to introduce ourselves to companies whether you are a large multinational enterprise, small business, Government/ University Departments Quest provides to the roots to all the companies that we have the potential to expand to the middle-east markets working together with all companies to coordinate business solutions that are tailored to the needs of our client.
QUEST’s main objective is to bring manufactures and clients as close together as possible despite their locations.

QUEST has the capacity to represent companies through the sourcing and supplying of all resources and equipment complimentary to the execution of their clients contractual task

Our Mission is to provide clients, providers and suppliers and expedite with the best Quality products and exceptional services.

To make our clients feel welcome, appreciated, and worthy of our best efforts in everything we do. . .each and every day
• To be recognized as an exceptional leader in our industry and community
• To conduct all our relationships with an emphasis on long-term mutual success and satisfaction, rather than short term gain
• To earn the trust and respect of all we work with as being a Company of honesty, integrity, and responsibility
• To use our resources, knowledge, and experience to create win/win relationships for our clients, employees, suppliers, and shareholders in terms of growing compensation, services, and value.
QUEST guarantees high quality service and best practice to all its respected clients. An ethical and fair trade approach to trading & contracting is employed.