QUEST Has knowledge of the required protocols afforded international contracts, has successfully met with the exacting pre-requisites required in obtaining United Kingdom(UK) and the United States of America(USA) Government & Ministerial registrations and certifications in order to conduct its business in both a Civil and Defense oriented market.

QUEST has the skills and the practical experience to forge cost-effective project solutions, avoid potential pit-falls and provide value for money.

Our team begins each project by reaching a full understanding of the client’s business and project management requirements. Once there is an agreement on the objectives of the project, QUEST, using National or International resources and knowledge define the solution. QUEST then appoint team members with the appropriate experience, to assess options and then control the delivery of the project.

Our approach is collaborative. We focus on practical problem solving to achieve our clients business objectives. QUEST can provide the complete range of services to deliver your project successfully, from conception to delivery and beyond.

  • Support and provision in engineering equipment requirements.
    Assistance with an application of standards in Logistic & warehouse requirements.
  • Instant support in latest Government Residency laws, rules and regulations.
  • Up-to date knowledge of standards, specific-to-role workshop/ facilities and manpower requirements.
  • Design and facilitation of an officially recognized in-country training programs.
  • Total Kuwait’s client administrative support within tailored training programs.
  • Strong authoritative support to client’s workforce whilst in Kuwait that include utmost out-of-hours cover, when requested.
    Guidance with professional knowledge during the acquisition of Civil and Defense contracts.
  • Professionals support of the daily performance of the Kuwait Ministry of Defense
  • (KMOD) and Security affiliated departments.
    Kuwait Ministry of Defense (KMOD) and Ministry of Interior (MOI) compliant.
  • United Kingdom(UK) and United States of America(USA) Government compliant.